Read before Operating - Angle grinder Quick Start Guide

  1. When operating the angle grinder you must wear: Eye/face protection, a good pair of leather gloves and hearing protection if necessary.

  2. When operating, always have a firm grip on the tool.

  3. Before cutting anything with an angle grinder, ensure that the work piece is secure and will not shift during cutting operations.

  4. Before starting the tool, be sure to check if the wheel is on tightly. Make sure the tool is unplugged when changing, inspecting or dealing with the wheel.

  5. It is important to understand that a grinding disk can break if used at the incorrect angle, or catches on a work piece. This can cuase material to fly off at high speeds. Review the manual online for your specific grinder before operating.

  6. Grinding can create sparks which is a fire hazard. Ensure that you understand the hot work procedure for Memorial University, and your space has an active hot work permit before using a grinder.

  7. Watch this video for more best practices and safety measures to keep in mind when using the angle grinder: