Read before Operating - Chop Saw Quick Start Guide

  1. Before use, familiarize yourself with the Chop Saw while unplugged. Inspect the saw for any damages or broken pieces. If any, report to Kyle Doody at


  1. Remove all jewelery, clothes with strings, and tie up long hair before using the chop saw. Anything that could get caught in the chop saw during operation should be removed including gloves.

  2. Wear saftey glasses or a face shield while using the chop saw.

  3. Orient and secure all work pieces before powering on the saw. You material should not be in contact with the blade when powered on.

  4. Ensure the safety guard is properly installed and working before starting.

  5. Before starting your cut, ensure the blade is spinning at full speed.

  6. When cutting keep a firm grip on the handle and use the button on the handle to power the saw.

  7. A chop saw is a dangerous power tool. Do not at any time place a part of your body between the moving saw and the work piece

  8. After cutting wait for the saw to stop spinning before lifting it back up and reaching for your part. You may want to put on gloves before touching the cut metal as it will be very hot.

  9. Unplug the saw after each session of use.

  10. It is agaisnt Memorial Univeristy health and saefty policy to leave extension cords running through a space. After you are done using the saw, ensure the cord is unplugged and stored properly until the tool is needed again.

For a safety video on the chop saw follow this link: