Read before Operating - Eryone ER-20 Quick Start Guide

  1. Check to make sure the X-axis bar is level

  • This is done by reading the measuring scale on both sides of the vertical main frame and ensuring the bar is at the same height on each side. Adjust the height by twisting the screws behind the vertical main frame.

  1. Turn on the printer and load the filament being used.

  1. Navigate the Eryone Menu and complete a “bed leveling” under calibration. Leveling the bed is important to ensure that the print head can adjust automatically to lay down even layers of filament.

  2. Open PrusaSlicer and import your stl file by going file>import>stl.

  3. Import the SDH pre-set configuration file by going file>import>config. Then navigate to where you downloaded the file and select Er20 Config.ini

  • The file has set parameters for PLA filament. If using another filament simply adjust that under the filament section on the right of the plater. You can adjust the filament temperature under filament settings.

  1. Slice and Print!

  • SD cards should already be in the printers and SD card readers are available at the front of the room in a yellow basket. Be sure to return the reader after use!

Always watch the first few layers of your print and ensure that the filament is adhering to the bed. If your first layer is not sticking, try cleaning the bed with windex and applying a layer of elmers glue stick. If printing still fails see Eryone ER-20 Calibration

For more details on 3D Printing please see the SDH 3D Printing Tutorial Page: 3D Printing