Read before Operating - Prusa Quick Start Guide

  1. Turn on the Prusa using the power button on the rear. Unload the current filament if required. The prusa can be unloaded using the embedded display.

  2. Clean the printer bed with a spray of windex and a cloth. Wait 30 seconds after spraying before wiping the surface.

  3. Load the filament being used for your print. The Prusa has a direct drive extruder. To load the filament navigate to preheat and select the material you will be using. Once heated, go to the auto-load filament option and press the knob. Insert the filament in the top of the extruder. The system should pull through the filiament and extrude some from the nozzle.

  4. Launch Prusa Slicer on your computer, import your STL and adjust settings accordingly. The preset settings within the slicer should generally work well as long as the filament selected is correct. For improved results you can trial different settings.

  5. Slice and Print!

  • SD cards should already be in the printers and SD card readers are available at the front of the room in a yellow basket. Be sure to return the reader after use!

  1. If your print fails:

  • Stop the print

  • Go to calibration > first layer cal. and select the filament that is loaded

  • If the print still dosent work after this step notify a member of the SDH staff.

  1. For more details on 3D Printing please see the SDH 3D Printing Tutorial Page: 3D Printing