Running the Program

DO NOT run the program until the ENTIRE section has been read.

After you complete the stock setup, tool changes, and offsets, you are almost ready to run the program. But, there are a few thing’s you’ll need to do, as well as some best practices.

First, you will have to load the program onto the CNC’s USB device.

Load the Program onto the USB

  1. Take the USB out of the CNC machine (located on the side of the control panel as seen below).

  1. Once the USB is inserted into the computer, open your CAM setup and click ‘Post Process’ located under ‘Toolpath’.

  1. Make sure to pick the correct machine configuration. This should be ‘HAAS (pre-NGC)/haas’.

  2. Make sure that under ‘Program Settings’, you select ‘Preload tool’ to be ‘No’

  3. Make sure the program is named as numbers (a unique 4 digits that does not already exist on the USB)

  4. Save the program under the USB device.

  1. Bring the USB back to the CNC.

Running the Program

  1. Press ‘Start cycle’

  • Keep your hand on the feed hold at all times! If something goes wrong, you must be able to hit that button asap!

  • Make sure the automatic coolant nozzle is pointing at the tool. Each tool may require the nozzle to be moved. You can do this manually by pressing ‘Feed hold’ so you can see what you’re doing and then ‘Coolant up’ or ‘Coolant down’ to move the nozzle into the correct orientaation. When you’re done, press ‘Cycle start’ again.

You can also adjust the coolant nozzle before you run the program so that you do not need to touch it during the program.


In the event of the machine crashing and an emergency stop is needed, there is a large red button. To activate the emergency stop, simply press this button.


Once you press this button, alarms are activated and the machine will not work until these alarms have been cleared.

To clear these alarms:

  1. Twist the emergency stop button in the direction the arrows are pointing.

  2. Press the ‘reset’ button until all alarms have been cleared.